I have painted hundreds of portraits and these are some.

Sometimes these are about individual personalities, like this oil painting of Connie in Manhattan.  And Claudia on Toronto Island.

 And Sofia on Toronto Island.

And Richard and Charles at home.

_EveryoneWhoHelpedGetMy01Visa_ was portraits of individuals in a large group exhibited together.  Some from the series of over 100:

_FaithPainting_ was 60 individual portraits of Catholic Nuns, Arab Muslims, Orthodox Jews, and Hindus, all living together in Brooklyn, exhibited together for the New York Mayor’s Office Immigrant Heritage Week.  Here are some:

_IndividualInUniform_ was 60 individual portraits of 15 of each of the five branches of the U.S. Military — Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Army, and Air Force — exhibited first at the National Arts Club and then at the Pentagon, where 3 of each branch remain in the permanent collection. Here are some:

In the ongoing project _freedom2BRselves_ I paint whole classrooms of Grade 5/6ers around the world and invite all of them and their families to visit the growing exhibits.  Preteens look the same wherever you go and they all want the same thing.  Here are some:

I’ve also painted a lot of musicians:

Charlie Hayden 

Charnett Moffett

And had many good times painting with Ornette Coleman and friends.

RJ Avallone and SEARCH: