I believe in being an artist every day in all ways.

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This is my resume listing my artist statement, solo and group exhibits, fellowships, awards, and education, in a downloadable 2-page pdf.

This has been a good way to live.  As a child in Toronto, I enjoyed being “the class artist” and had many days in the library, looking at centuries of work by art masters.  As a teen in London, I wandered the city, seeing paintings and making art with people which developed my interest in engaging with the public for a deeper connection in the work.  I received a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Toronto, and an AOCAD in Painting from the Ontario College of Art.  I received a Masters in Fine Art from Chelsea College of the London Institute, and joined the Chelsea Arts Club.  I became interested in making art live in situ about people, places, things, and words.  I wrote reviews for print of art, film, architecture, and fiction, and taught writing criticism at OCAD University.  I received two fellowships, from freeDimensional in Brooklyn and A.I.R. Gallery Chelsea in Manhattan, awarded by critics from Art in America, NYU Tisch, and The Brooklyn Rail.  There were videos and music painting events produced.  There were many exhibit and extensive press and awards, including being honored by the New York Mayor’s Office, the U.S. Pentagon, the National Arts Club, and the London Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  I received an Extraordinary Alien Visa and then my Green Card to work on all my projects.  I’m fortunate to be in studios in Brooklyn and Toronto Island, visiting England and France and the Ontario cities and countryside to paint summer works outdoors. My family and friends are part of my work, as are all the new friends I meet on projects, because art for me is a deep connection.






Real art on the walls matters.


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