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Katherine Dolgy Ludwig is a New York artist who has worked for over thirty years in the U.S., Canada, England, and France. Founder and CEO of KDL INTL LLC, as Ludwig Pictures and Ludwig Express, she furthers projects that develop her paintings into public installations and murals, architecture, commercial exhibitions, fashion products, licensing projects, publishing and producing in music, film, and television. Her unique portraits are popular commissions.

BRIC Media Studio, Brooklyn, 2024, photo by Shem Pennant

She has had over twenty solo shows of work made in large public contexts, and intimate settings, bringing together strangers at the art openings.  Recent Retrospectives have been at The American University of Paris and London Chelsea Arts Club.  Her work is featured in publications such as The New York Times, NYU Humanus, and Los Angeles Times, with honors and fellowships selected by jurors at freeDimensional, A.I.R. Gallery Chelsea, the Metropolitan Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, The Brooklyn Rail, NYU Tisch, Art in America, and the London Royal Academy. Her art is in the permanent collections of Mayor Bloomberg, National Arts Club, Pentagon, Playboy, Globe Theatre, Ornette Coleman, and Pete Townshend.

Painting razor wire fencing around the Capitol building on camera, Washington DC, 2020

She established her reputation as a portrait painter working on-site in private homes and as an oil painter working on-site in the forest as a young artist in Canada. Mid-career her watercolor giant work that was made onsite, experimenting with sound/music/text, distinguished her U.S. career in Brooklyn.

“Working on paper allowed me to go quietly into situations to make sense of them by painting as a frontline on-site reporter.”

“These are 4 of 50 giant watercolors all made live in Bushwick:


ConcreteJungleBoogieCreationStory, watercolor, 60x40in


_CrazyLove4ThisTown_, watercolor, 40x60in


_DoYourThingInAmerica_, watercolor, 60x40in

and the 5 ft x 10 ft triptych _Howl!_:

_Howl!,_ triptych, watercolor, 60x120in

“These led to many live multi-sheet paintings. From 2019-2023, I stayed in DC painting on-site in the street. I wanted to understand what I was seeing.  This is one of four 7 ft x 15 ft ventitych watercolors that box in a room in an installation called _DCWall_:

_DCWall_, one of four ventitychs, watercolor, 80x180in (6’8″x15′), running dimension of the four walls 6’8″x60′)

“Most recently focusing on live portraits, in a triptych called _Mother’sHome_, I painted my mother between the ages of 104 and 105: first in her own Home; then in a hospital; now confined to an elderly Home.

_MothersHome_, triptych, watercolor, 22x30in

Here is a detail:

_Mother’sHome_, detail, triptych, watercolor, 22x30in of 22x90in


Painting London’s Southwark Bridge, 2023.
  • July and August 2023 I made watercolors in France, such as this painting of Vincent and Theo Van Gogh’s last church:
_TheVanGoghs’LastChurchInAuvers-sur-Oise_, watercolor, 30x22in

In the streets of New York City ParisLondonOntario’s countryside , and on Toronto Island I hunt for paintings on the bike. For New York Armory Week I exhibited at the Clio Art Fair, and won awards for Etching at the League Print Exhibition as well as Lithography and Paintings awards. Then I drove to paint in the beautiful beaches of the Gaspé Peninsula, Québec. A great Nashville project “My View from Home Mail Art” included me in their press article and a television news show.  Making reportage paintings in DC,  reporters Rebecca Knier and John Henry of CBS WUSA News 9 did an onsite Jan 7, 2021  interview with me . Then, Pete Townshend of The Who commissioned a painting for his upcoming music project The Age of Anxiety. I left DC to paint in Toronto, Florida, New York, and the Adirondacks .

Painting at the RBG memorial SCOTUS.


  • September, 2023 – London, Chelsea Arts Club, Solo
  • June, 2022 –  Etobicoke Arts Fest Inaugural, Toronto
  • February, 2022 –  Florida, Mount Dora 47th Annual Arts Fest, Juize Box Pop Up
  • July, 2019, 2021 – Toronto Outdoor Art Fair TOAF
  • March, 2020 – New York, Armory Week Clio Art Fair
  • March, 2020 – New York, League Print Exhibition
  • December, 2019 – New York, Met Museum Copyists
  • June, 2019 – Paris, American University of Paris , Solo, ( the AUP interview)

ABOUT tells you how I became an artist and what I do.

RESUME and PRESS and ARTICLES are here.

PEOPLE is a gallery of portraits. Currently available watercolor portraits are here.

PLACES is a gallery of landscapes and cityscapes. Currently available places are here.

THINGS is a gallery of still life. Currently available still life are here.

WORD is a gallery of 40x60in text paintings. Contact me for availability.

Must credit me if any of my art images or my likeness are used on social media.  Everything on this website is 2002-2024©KatherineDolgyLudwig


I have painted hundreds of portraits and these are some.

Sometimes these are about individual personalities, like this oil painting of Connie in Manhattan.  And Claudia on Toronto Island.

 And Sofia on Toronto Island.

And Richard and Charles at home.

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I made this series of six paintings of the view of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan Skyline sitting on the docks at Staten Island from midday until night — it was so beautiful and I felt new in New York. Mayor Michael Bloomberg asked for my images to represent Immigrant Heritage: they appeared citywide on screensavers, posters, and stationary, and were featured in two articles in the New York Times.


This is Manhattan:

Gramercy Park, Manhattan
Central Park South, Manhattan
Central Park North, Manhattan

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Must credit me if any of my art images or my likeness are used on social media.  Everything on this website is 2002-2024©KatherineDolgyLudwig