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For sale now are original watercolor still life paintings here.  These were made in Washington DC, Toronto, and Paris.  Framed posters can be ordered. 

Upcoming Exhibitions:

With the US Election ongoing, and my Paris and London shows moved from 2020 to 2022,  I was reportage painting DC onsite from September 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.  See all the DC paintings here.

I took a  short break in Florida. See the paintings here.  

Painting at the RBG memorial SCOTUS.

Rebecca Knier and John Henry of CBS WUSA News 9 did an interview with me out painting the Capitol in DC  here.

July, 2020, I made an Ontario and Quebec painting road trip to the Gaspé Peninsula.

A great Nashville project “My View from Home Mail Art” included me in their press article and a television news show.

Recent Exhibitions:

The Adirondacks, New York City ParisLondonOntario’s countryside , Toronto Island  Wonderful year for painting!

About tells you how I became an artist and what I do.

Resume and Press and Articles are here.

People is a gallery of portraits.

Places is a gallery of landscapes and cityscapes.

Things is a gallery of still life.

Word is a gallery of text paintings.

Fashion and Accessories and Home products, made from the paintings, are coming for the Holidays 2022!

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I have painted hundreds of portraits and these are some.

Sometimes these are about individual personalities, like this oil painting of Connie in Manhattan.  And Claudia on Toronto Island.

 And Sofia on Toronto Island.

And Richard and Charles at home.

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I made this series of six paintings of the view of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan Skyline sitting on the docks at Staten Island from midday until night — it was so beautiful and I felt new in New York. Mayor Michael Bloomberg asked for my images to represent Immigrant Heritage: they appeared citywide on screensavers, posters, and stationary, and were featured in two articles in the New York Times.


This is Manhattan:

Gramercy Park, Manhattan
Central Park South, Manhattan
Central Park North, Manhattan

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